Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Red tide spreads!

After dabbling hand in British and German figures, I have decided to have a go with Russian figures. Today I have finished two KV-1 heavy tanks and a motorised howitzer. Here are some photos! The KV-1s are from Pegasus Hobbies and the Motorised Howitzer is a mix of Zvezda and Italeri.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sdkfz 251's with crew finished.

Just this minute finished the last of my Sdkfz 251's. I am awaiting the arrival of 12 panzergrenadiers to go with the set, after this time they shall be going on sale on eBay.

Thanks for looking!

British Anti-Tank Battery Finished

Finally finished my anti-tank battery yesterday. Got to say I struggled a little with the bases but i've got them looking as good as I was ever going to get them. Consists of a HQ base, 2 17 pounders and 1 6 pounders. Enjoy.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Second British infantry section in the final stages!

The pva has finished setting on the bases of my second infantry section. With any luck this group should be on eBay ready for bidding later tonight. All that is left to do is apply paint, clump foliage and modelling grass!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mechanised Infantry rolling into the final stages

Here are some progress photos of my British Mechanised Infantry that I am currently working on. At the moment I am just beginning to base the figures, with highlights, grass and clump foliage still to be added. The Mechanised Infantry Platoon will include 1 Sherman M4A2, 2 Sherman Firefly's, 16 tank riders and 16 dismounted tank riders (Shown below). The dismounted Tank Riders will represent the figures on the tanks if they should leave the tanks during wargames.  

Sunday, 7 October 2012

FleaBay figures!

Low and behold my first set of figures have gone live on eBay, be sure to check them here;

Additional photo's of the figures can be seen in my "Project Progress Pictures" page listed on the home page.


My secret weapon

This ink wash is any keen modellers secret weapon, for me it just finishes off any model that I paint. A great weatherer of AFVs and detail sharpener of figures. 

First post!

And so this is my first official post on my new modelling blog, stay tuned for the next couple of days as I add pictures of my current projects that are shortly due to go on sale!